This is me currently…

25 Feb



I bought 3 more books this weekend…One I was looking for, the other two…DON’T JUDGE ME!!!

Got the second book in the Ghost and the Goth series.

 Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade 



It’s literally super impossible to find the third book in stores. I found the 2nd one by pure chance. They had the first one, and I only happened to see the second one when I randomly faced another shelf and found it out of order among other books. So I went on to look at every shelf in hopes of finding the 3rd one. No luck 😦 

I got 2 other books, but they are at home and while they look really good, I can’t remember the names so I will have to make a post later.

I returned my two books from the library. I will eventually read Ruby Red as it sounds super interesting, but I seriously need to finish the books I have before starting a new series. @_@


Another Jennifer Armentrout giveaway!

25 Feb

Yep she is a beast with these giveaways! Entering in for this one as well. Always the optimistic! I mean I eventually have to win something right? :p



Jennifer Armentrout Buttload Giveaway!!!

12 Feb

I do not know about all of you, but this has my mind totally orgasmic right now!!!

Jennifer Armentrout is doing a huge giveaway of fantasmic literary swag! Click there to go to her page for the raffle! I must say, my insides have gone all squishy at this and I hope…no…I PRAY I win something @_@ just so I can say “You know, if I shook her hand, I wouldn’t be able to wash it EVER, but because I got swag from her that she touched…I have no worries of completely repulsing anyone within a 1 mile radius of me!!!”

Side note: I’m totally kidding about the above statement. We all know it would be more like a 50 foot radius. 🙂


Time to calm my tits

11 Feb

I need to put myself on a strict ban from the used bookstores. My cousin(found at: Tiffnanny) told me it’s really easy to go in and come back out with waaaaaay more than you were planning on. It’s like when things are on sale, everyone loves a bargain! But let’s be honest… Are we really getting a bargain, or just ending up with more stuff than we can handle at that point in time? I know there are those of us who are much more hardcore at buying books that they know they won’t get to for a long time. It’s an addiction for many of us, but really, there are far worse things than books to be addicted to. So with that said, here is a list of some more books I got today. 

Story of A Girl by Sara Zarr

I just finished reading Sweethearts by this author and enjoyed it so I am looking forward to reading the book she wrote 3 years prior to it.



Where She Went by Gayle Forman

This is the follow up to If I Stay which I recently read last week and I am happy I was able to get it so quickly as I still have that book fresh in my mind and can now find out what happens. I originally thought the last book was a one shot and that it would leave me hanging and guessing. I must say, I’m the type of lady that likes to know EXACTLY how something ended. I don’t want to be left guessing and coming up with my own ideas of how it ended unless there is another book following up to tell me. >____>



Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Alright, so we’ve done the whole vampire thing (or maybe not? There was such a big hype on the Twilight series, but I just never had the urge to read them because I heard about it EVERYWHERE. Also, I think the movies ruined any chance of me trying them out. Who knows, I might one day go ahead and give the books a chance. I mean they became popular for something right?) and I’m doing the alien thing with The Lux series by Jennifer ArmentroutI’m also doing the whole ghost thing with The Ghost and The GothSo now why not dabble in angels?




 Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter 

This is the book I’m currently reading. Rented it from the library so I don’t feel toO bad on that. Apparently, it’s part of a series and is the second one in said series…BUT! I’ve been reading it and it doesn’t seem like I need to stop and read the first one. Actually, knowing some of the stuff from this one, I don’t even want to read the first one as I will be all “Oh I know what happens, just cut to the chase already!!!”



Generation Dead and Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters

So I mentioned trying all those other types above…Now for zombies! Go figure a guy wrote the zombie one. I’m curious to see how this turns out because I know what I think of when zombies are mentioned…and it ain’t pretty…I mean this in the most literal sense possible…I’m also curious  to see how a guys writing will be with my cup of YA novels. There are 3 books in this series and I was able to get the 1st and 2nd one. I know, I know. What if I completely loathe the first book and regret purchasing the second one? *shrugs* Well the $5 I spent in total for the both of them, says perhaps otherwise.





Ruby Red by Kerstin Giee

Well at least I’m trying different genres within the YA genre??? It’s TIME for time traveling. Har har har. See what I did there? Don’t die of laughter just yet. Why must I keep picking up series? X_____X This is another book I rented from the library so that’s always nice. 



I love how I have all these books on my To-read list on and yet NONE of these books were on my to-read list…

One of the books I bought last week, I apparently already owned. The used book store has a no return policy. I asked if there was perhaps a way I could exchange it since I was already coming back to get another book they had sent over from their other location. Well the owner said no. And that’s fine. It’s their policy so I can respect that…and the fact that apparently I’m not that great at reading a sign by the register in bright yellow mentioning the no returns policy. Sooooo anywho! I asked if I could get credit for it and he said yes. Well I went off to go look at books that I shouldn’t have been looking at to begin with since I took most of them home. When I came back to the register with 4 extra books, he told me he went a head and switched it with that book I had sent over…Totally super nice of him to do so and I was thanked him multiple times. Well he rang up the 4 other books…And to my astonishment it came out to only $9.54. I bought those 6 books last week and it was around 32$….Uh call me crazy, but something didn’t seem right. Well i went out because I had to get back to work. I looked at my receipt and it seems like he exchanged that book for me, but also gave me credits on the other books. So that means I got an additional 50% off what they would have cost. I’m not sure if this was an accident on his part or if he meant to, but I don’t feel right about it. I’m going to go back when I have a chance and offer to pay the additional 10$ I think he meant to charge me. They might not even charge me it, but I won’t feel right until I go back, and 20$ for 4 books is still a great deal.

I also need to start coming on here and reviewing the books I have finished! And soon I shall! Once my baby(laptop) is fixed. I’m sure my job would appreciate that I not spend so much time on my lunch on here. :p

Books Galore!

8 Feb

So I went to my local used book store and molested their young adult shelves. Basically I picked up a bajillion books that are NOT on my want-to-read list on So for the next week between my crazy work hours (80 hours this past week X_X…Next week I get a break and only have 64 >___>) I will be tackling Once Dead, Twice shy by Kim Harrison, The Book of Luke by Jenny O’Connell, Sweethearts by Sara Zarr, and The Fat Girl by Marilyn Sachs. On top of that, I also got First Test and Page by Tamora Pierce. She is a major reason I got into reading once upon a time in middle school. And the nostalgia value is reason enough for me to devour her books every few years. Also, I had the last two books in that series and I figured I should have the whole set!Image